An online store in weeks

E-commerce store features:

Serve up daily deals
Use the Deal of the Day feature to keep customers coming back for more. Simply enter the product and its price, and voila! You’ve got a slick looking page for your daily deal. Better yet, you can blast this promotion to your social channels with just a click of the mouse.

Get found in search engines
If customers can’t find your site, they can’t buy from you. By utilising the heavy duty search engine optimisation (SEO) toolbox, you’ll quickly make your mark with Google, Yahoo and Bing to bring more shoppers to your store.

Create coupons and discounts
Boost sales without hassle by offering special promotions to your customers. Whether it’s 20% off or free shipping, you can effectively manage multiple campaigns to keep shoppers coming back for more.

Let customers promote your products
By easily adding reviews. These insights provide real-time feedback for your online store and help steer customers through your most recommended products.

Send enticing emails and newsletters
Reach out and retain your customers with a full email and newsletter system. You can quickly send important discounts and updates to your entire customer base without needing a completely separate system.

Social Media
Post directly to Twitter and Facebook
Share your latest announcements, promotions and daily deals without ever leaving your admin. The direct integration with Twitter and Facebook allows you to update your status and tweet to your heart’s content, all in one place.

Manage YouTube Videos in a snap
Showcase your products like never before by adding videos to your product pages. All you have to do is paste the video link from YouTube, and voila! You have conversion-boosting videos embedded in plain sight for your customers.

Like it! Share it! Tweet it!
Help your customers spread your products across 250+ social channels by utilising the built-in sharing capabilities. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you’ll enjoy free and easy ways to extend your store’s reach across the social web.

Site Management
Stay connected to your customers
Support your customers and gather valuable feedback with a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. With multiple email accounts included on all plans, your customers will always have an open door to keep in touch.

Keep tabs on your inventory
Prevent headaches by always knowing how many items you have in stock. Simply enter your product count and our innovative tools will precisely monitor your inventory levels, even providing alerts when you’re running low.

Process your orders in a snap
Get your orders through the door, faster, with our advanced collection of order processing features. You can quickly view and approve your orders in a flash, either individually or all at once.

Know where your business stands
Make better business decisions with real-time performance data. Robust reporting capabilities provide tons of insight, including popular products and categories. Need more? You can easily create custom reports for more details.